Frequently asked questions about Vert Le Mont B&B

Many of the people who come to stay here at Vert Le Mont have never stayed in a B&B before so here are replies to the questions I get asked most often:

  • Do you live in the house? Yes I do. Here in Quebec B&B’s must be private homes offering no more than 5 rooms and  the owner must live on the premises.
  • Will I have to share a bathroom? No! Each of the five rooms has a small  private shower room plus  toilet and handbasin. The London room also has a tub. There is no jacuzzi and no swimming pool but a spacious garden…
  • Are there rooms with twin beds? The Baliem room can be made up with two or three single beds.
  • Do you have television? There is no TV in the rooms. There is a TV in one of the sitting rooms but given different languages and tastes we don’t really encourage guests to watch it..  However, we can and do make exceptions.
  • Are there restaurants nearby? Yes indeed. Within a four minute walk we have 8 different places to eat covering most tastes and budgets.
  • What time do you serve breakfast? Guests can come down anytime between 8am and 10am. I have no problem serving breakfast earlier (my record is 5.30am) but cannot make it much later as we have all the housework to do for that night’s arriving guests. We offer lots of choices at breakfast and can accommodate gluten free, vegan and vegetarian diets.
  • Can we use the kitchen? We are always happy to serve a hot or cold drink and you can certainly store things in the fridge. You can use plates, glasses etc if you want to ‘picnic’ on the verandah but it isn’t possible to cook your own meals unless you are a group reserving all the rooms.
  • Do you accept dogs? No we don’t, on the other hand you need have no concerns if you have any pet allergies.
  • Do you accept children?  Happily but you will be the best judge of how well it will work because there is neither TV nor a swimming pool.  Families usually reserve the Baliem room where I can put a king plus a single or two or 3 singles; all the other rooms each has one queen bed.
© Lynda Graham, Vert le Mont B&B Sutton, Quebec