Sutton info


You can get to Sutton by car, bus or bike. For more details go to the Directions page.


Lots of excellent choices. I strongly recommend a reservation for Friday or Saturday nights and we are happy to do it for you. For a list of our favourite eateries go to the Sutton Restaurants page.

Things to do

All sorts of outdoor activities, cultural activities, sightseeing, gourmet adventures and more. I have created my Top 10 Sutton things to see and do list and if that isn’t enough then check out the Sutton Tourism website.


  • There are two banks both with an ATM machine. Many places (including me) are happy to accept US$ but the exchange rate may not be up to date.
  • There is a gas station on rue Principale. If you are coming up from the US then fill up before you arrive. If not, Sutton gas tends to be less expensive than nearby towns.
  • Sutton is very bi-lingual but it is a Quebec village so a “Bonjour” and a “Merci” wont go amiss!



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