Easy home made fruit compote


Here at Vert Le Mont B&B I do my best to make as much of the things that we serve for breakfast myself  using, whenever possible, local ingredients.

One of the things I make that people seem to love is a fruit compote and the good news is that it is really easy to do so, for all the people who ask for the recipe (though it is more of a technique really), here we go:

  1.     Start with a firm fruit typically pears or apples – I like Cortland. Peel, core and cut into bite size chunks.
  2.     Put fruit into a microwaveable container with about a 1/4 inch of water plus brown sugar, cinnamon and ground ginger. For 3 medium apples I would probably use 4 tbsp, 1/2 tsp and a 1/4 tsp respectively. Stir together and microwave on high for two minutes.
  3.    Add a soft fruit – about a half cup if using 3 apples. Blackberries work really well but I also like plums or blueberries or whatever is in season. (In the winter you can use dried apricots or frozen fruit.) Stir and microwave 3 minutes. Test with the tip of a knife to see if firm fruit is now tender, if not microwave another 2 minutes but don’t overcook otherwise you will end up with a puree.
  4.     Stir one last time. Leave to cool and then refrigerate overnight which makes all the difference. Serve on its own, with yogourt or on cereal.


You will soon find your own favourite combinations of fruits and spices. I love apple and cranberry but if using frozen berries start with them first and then add the apples. Rhubarb is excellent with pears and a pinch of cloves is good with apple based compotes.

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