Walking Sutton’s back roads



Sutton backroads C.Royer

Here in Sutton we are almost spoiled for choice when it comes to mountain trails but I find that walking the backroads is the best way to discover the true beauty of the Townships. Old barns, babbling brooks, towering trees, wild flowers, vistas and views are all waiting to be discovered. Roads are wide making them ideal for a walk with friends and traffic is sparse so you can stroll along without danger.

Look at a map and pick out a circuit. Drive to any point. Park. Walk. My friend Catherine and I have walked many circuits on Sutton’s backroads. They take anything from one to two hours. We keep them fresh by returning in different seasons, varying our start point and walking both clockwise and counter clockwise. I guarantee that anywhere you walk will be a delight but here are a few suggesions to get you started:

  • From rue Principale Sud walk up rue Mountain which starts behind the À La Fontaine restaurant.  This road takes you from the village up into increasingly rural surroundings with lovely views. You can turn back at chemin Schweizer or, if you are feeling keen, turn right down Schweizer, cross rue Principale/Route 139, continue  up Jordon, turn right on Westwood. At the end the road becomes a track but just continue straight all the way to Dyer where you turn right and walk back to rue  Principale Nord.  A great route but a solid two and a half hours.
  • About 15 minutes drive from Sutton try the Rosenberry, Muir, Turkey Hill, Mont-Echo circuit. Absolutely beautiful, off the beaten track all together. About 90 minutes.
  • Drive 10 minutes to Abercorn for the circuit made up by des Eglises Ouest, Spencer, Hillcrest, Route 139, Thibault Nord. About an hour.